For well over twenty years now I have been researching the Scammell name,  initially my research concentrated on my wife's ancestors but on hitting a brick wall I began to investigate other branches and in consequence I have now a database of over 35,000 entries,

This site is intended to provide a summary of the research I have undertaken todate. Access is via the links below.

To aid my research I use an Access Database and Family Tree programme called Family Tree Maker. The data on Family Tree Maker consists of Families of more than four generations and they are given the prefix FT for Family Tree. There are also Families of four generations or less who I call Family Groups,  mainly linked individuals covering no more than four generations that I hope, will form the basis for further family trees, or add to existing ones, these are given the prefix of FG.

The majority of the information was gathered during field trips to the Archive Offices at Chippenham, Dorchester and Winchester.  Other offices visited what  was the Family Records Centre, the Library of the Society of Genealogists and the National Archives. in addition I have received help and information from other Scammell researchers.

Family Trees   Listed by county, these are families of five generations or more
Family Groups   Listed by county, these are families of four generations or less, they may also be a family group found in the Census or in a Will and hopefully they will be merged with a Family Tree or expand to become one themselves.
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Not found them here? email me at  johnDOTgardner90ATntlworldDOTcom my offline database contains more names than this site.
If a copy of any Family Tree (in either GEDCOM or as a PDF file) is required,   contact  me quoting the FT or FG reference,  or if  you have any questions in respect of this site or require me to search my database please email me:

  David Gardner  at johnDOTgardner90ATntlworldDOTcom

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