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Family & Descendants of  Samuel Scammell

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Samuel Scammell & Wife Elizabeth ??


Their Children


James Scammell born 26 Jan 1783 Aldgate died 1872 City of London

Wife Mary Ann Lushman born circa 1790 Rotherhithe married 20 Sep 1819 St Giles Cripplegate died 1872 City of London


William Scammell born circa 1820 Bishopsgate, baptised 24 May 1820 St Botolph Bishopsgate East London

James Samuel Scammell baptised 30 Sep 1821 St Botolph

George Joseph Scammell born Bishopsgate baptised 30 Mar 1823 St Botolph died 20 Jan 1857 Bishopsgate

Elizabeth Scammell baptised 9 Jan 1825 St Botolph married Wm Adams 10 Aug 1856 Bethnal Green St Matthew

Mary Ann Scammell baptised 13 Sep 1830 Shoreditch Ebenezer married Henry T Doran 20 Oct 1851 Bethnal Green St Matthew

Henry Scammell baptised 13 Sep 1830 Shoreditch Ebenezer died 1867 RD Whitechapel

Wife Elizabeth Sarah Wells born circa 1828 Spitalfields married 5 Jun 1853 Christchurch Spitalfields, marries James Atkins 13 Jan 1880 Bethnal Green


Elizabeth Emma Scammell born 14 Jul 1854 Bishopsgate married Wm Mallindin 27 Aug 1876 Bethnal Green St Matthew

Alfred Henry Scammell born 3 Apr 1859 Bishopsgate died 1894 Hackney district

Wife Martha Mallindine born circa 1860 Spitalfields married 22 Dec 1879 Bethnal Green marries Wm Dealing 12 Jan 1896 Bethnal Green


Martha Elizabeth M Scammell born 1881 Spitalfields married Thos Chas W Hollington 5 Feb 1905 Bethnal Green

Florence Clara Scammell born 1886 Spitalfields married Wm Chas Farrer 24 Jul 1910 Bethnal Green

Eliza Ann Scammell born 7 Sep 1861 Bishopsgate married Geo Green 18 Oct 1883 Bethnal Green

Amelia Sarah Scammell born 27 Jan 1864 Bishopsgate married 1885 Bethnal Green district

Henrietta Scammell born 8 Dec 1792 St Botolph Bishopsgate

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